“No Other Notary Had a Problem With That”

Currently, my least favorite statement to hear a client say is “we’ve been doing it this way for years and no other Notary had a problem with it.”

The reasons why I don’t like to hear this are many. Among them are:

First, how am I supposed to respond?  Do you expect me to say, “okay, I will do it however you want it done?” As a Notary Public and an independent contractor, I simply can not do that.

Second, my sincerely-held belief that what you have asked me to do is illegal / immoral / unethical or just plain wrong is not subject to a vote of my peers. Just because other people did it a certain way, that does not make it right.

Third, I am responsible for how I do the work that is assigned to me, not for how other people do the work that is assigned to them. If I don’t do it to the best of my ability and by following what I believe are the Best Practices and the laws, rules, and regulations for my jurisdiction, you may get what you say you want now — but it WILL come back as a Serious Problem for both of us sooner or later. The only thing I have control over is how I do the work and you have asked me to assist you so that I will do it properly, not however someone else does it.

Fourth, if that statement is your first reaction when I voice a concern, you are not listening to my concern. I work in a dual capacity — both as a Notary Public (serving the public) AND as a Signing Agent (serving my clients). When I point out a problem, it is not to make life difficult for you. It IS to give you the benefit of my experience, training, and research. I am trying to help you, my client, as any good service vendor should.

No, I am not a lawyer. I am not offering you legal advice or legal opinions. That does not mean that I have to remain silent when I see you about to commit what appears to me to be an obvious error or when you ask me to make one.

The reason you hire a Notary Public is to be as sure as possible that the signed document will be acceptable to all those parties to whom it may be sent. As a Certified Notary Signing Agent of over 12 years (and a Notary Public of over 17 years, with 5 years experience as a Legal Secretary), I have the skills, experience, and background to help you achieve that.

Please contact me when you need a Notary Public or a Certified Notary Signing Agent in Memphis or Shelby, Fayette or Tipton Counties in Tennessee.


About Tim Gatewood

55+, male, widowed (May 2016). Mobile notary public and signing agent, freelance writer, and ordained minister. Science fiction and fantasy fan, willing servant to cats, avid reader and collector of books and other stuff. Please see my websites (including this blog and others) for more info on me and what I think about the issues of the day.
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