Your I.D. Must Be Valid if you want your document notarized

Your I.D. Must Be Valid If You Want Your Document Notarized

I seem to go through spells of things that challenge my understanding of the rules for being a notary. Lately, the spell involves people with Tennessee or out-of-state Driver Licenses or non-driver’s ID cards that are hole-punched.

It’s always been my understanding that an I.D. was valid if it was on the list in the Tennessee law and was current (not expired) or had been issued within the past five years. However, I have had such a rash of people with ID’s that were hole-punched that I stopped by the Memphis Police Department today and asked them what was up with that.

The officers there told me that the Highway Patrol office (which issues Tennessee Driver Licenses and Tennessee Non-Driver ID cards) will hole-punch the old one when they issue a new one. Perhaps the person moved and their new ID just has their new address. Even if the old ID had not expired, it became invalid when a new one was issued, so they hole-punched it to keep it from being used. Or there could be a long list of other reasons (which they did not specify) for why it is hole-punched. In short, as far as the police are concerned, it is not a valid Driver License if it is hole-punched. A Non-Driver’s ID card would fall under the same rule.

I am going to add this matter to the list of questions that need to be sent to the Tennessee Attorney General for an Official Opinion.

Meanwhile, I have updated my page on here about Proper I.D. and I will NOT accept any I.D. that has has a hole punched in it.


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