This Happens Far Too Often

I received a call at 11:35 this morning for a closing at 3:00 pm today. I told them yes, I could rearrange my schedule IF they could get the documents to me by 1:00 pm.

A few minutes before 1:00 pm, one of their reps called to tell me she had just spoken with title and they said it would be “soon.” I let her know that, when I did manage to get the borrowers on the phone, I would advise them that I would be late, as there was no way to print docs and travel to the signing location on time when docs are not received on time.

As the loan officer had called me earlier and left the borrower’s cell phone number “in case you want to reach out to them” and as the voice mail on that cell phone gave a different name than the one shown on the work order, I called him to check on the number. He let me know that other name was the borrower’s middle name, so, yes, I had left my voice mail on the right cell phone. While I had him on the phone, I let him know that I did not have the docs, so this was going to be late.

He transferred me to Andrew in the lender’s closing department who was shocked that I was even concerned about it, as “that’s almost 2 hours from now!” I told him that the deadline for docs was 2 hours before the closing, as it takes time to print 2 sets and travel across town. He said that he or title would be back in touch “soon.”

The borrower did call me back and I let him know that, as I do not yet have documents, so I don’t even know how large the package is, I have no idea when I will be there. We left it that I would call him when I do receive the documents.

It’s now 2:30, over an hour since I spoke with Andrew and just 30 minutes before I am supposed to be at the closing. I still do not have docs.

Why would any company call for a same day closing when they don’t already have the documents prepared and ready to send? I just don’t understand how some of these companies do business — or stay in business — with these sloppy practices. No matter how often I tell my clients that the 2 hour deadline is real, they just don’t seem to believe it. Even those who have the 2 hour deadline in their own emails violate it regularly.

If I don’t have documents on time, I can not be at the closing on time. This concept should not require any explanation or clarification.


About Tim Gatewood

55+, male, widowed. Mobile Notary Public and Signing Agent, Freelance Writer, and Ordained Minister. Willing servant to cats. Science fiction and fantasy fan, avid reader, Founder of the Darrell Awards. Author of _Getting Started As A Notary Signing Agent_ (available from Please be kind to one another.
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