On Working the Lists 

On Working the Lists

One of the things that many notaries (and other small business people) do not understand is that a great deal of your success hinges on your ability to find and work through lists of prospective clients.

Find New ClientsSo, this is my attempt to explain some of how you can do what you must do — working the lists.

Begin with the lists of potential clients you can find. (See below for my articles about finding lists.)

Compile your own list of potential clients from every comment made in every notary group that you can find on Facebook. (After you join a group, scroll back through it for the past year or eighteen months. Make notes as you go along on the name and any other information about every possible hiring firm mentioned, including how many NSAs said positive or negative things about the firm.)

Hiring firms may be title or escrow companies, signing services, lenders, or others (such as lawyers).

Any list you find or create is going to be just a starting point. You will always have to work the list to find possible clients who fit with how you do business. This is a basic of business  — no matter where you get a list, it contains some junk.

On the process for screening or qualifying potential clients, take some classes on business basics from the Small Business Development Center nearest you. Find them on sba.gov .

Also,  check with the public library where you are. They may offer free classes for new or small business.

Research every entry on whatever list you find, as well as any list you compile yourself. Put them through a process to screen out ones that are obviously bad fits for your business. Sign up directly with those who are good fits.

Keep a list of who you sign up with and their info and when you signed up. Follow up with them a week after you signed up to see if they have everything they need to send you work. Follow up about once a month after that.

Follow up with them every time your address or phone number or email address changes; and whenever you renew your notary commission, insurance, or credentials (certifications, classes completed, background screenings or background checks passed).

Keep doing the research and signing up and following up until you’re too busy with work or until you decide it’s not working and quit.

Articles Here About Lists of Clients

If it seems that I’ve written several articles about lists of potential clients for Notary Signing Agents, that’s because I have.

To make it easier to find and share them, I am listing them here.

Lessons in Marketing – Lists

Where Should Notary Signing Agents Sign Up?

Where to Sign Up – Part 2

Where’s the List of Good Clients?

Why I Will Not Share my Client List on Facebook

Where is the Reliable List of Deadbeat Firms?

Some Suggestions on Business Basics

How to Find a List of Lenders for Possible NSA Work  (The suggestions in there could also be used to find title companies or escrow companies, as well, as they are also regulated by the states where they are active.)

Training for Notary Signing Agents – Part 3 (This is the only part of that series that specifically deals with lists, at least so far, and it contains links near the end to Parts 1 and 2).

And, while I did not write it (Brenda Stone did), this excellent article about Marketing to Title Companies will  help you put together a list of title companies, escrow companies, and/or lenders who are active in your area, which is more useful than any generic list you might find somewhere else.

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