How Do I Become a Notary Signing Agent?

You have to start with knowing everything in your state’s notary handbook. If you don’t have one, try googling the name of your state and notary handbook to see if there is one available.

Some states don’t have a notary handbook, so you may have to get some help to understand what the law says and what it means in your state.

Now, if there is a notary handbook for your state, it’s only going to help you do your job as a notary public in your state. It won’t teach you about being a notary signing agent, as this is not a profession that is regulated by the states the way doctor and lawyer are.

For NSA training, you have to spend money to take a class (or classes) from the National Notary Association (NNA) , Notary2Pro (N2P), or another firm.

Before you do that, it is strongly suggested that you do some market research to see how much business there is in your area and how many competitors you would be facing. Some areas simply don’t have enough work to support even one more NSA.

You also need to know if your state requires a Title Producers License for those who facilitate loan closings or if it is an attorney-only state. The TPL is an additional investment of time and money that you would have to make upfront before you start taking NSA assignments. An attorney-only state would mean you’re severely limited in what types of NSA work you can do.

To be blunt, unless you already have a relevant background in real estate, mortgage lending, and/or law, I don’t recommend that you become a notary signing agent.

This is because technology is pushing the NSA business toward extinction. I predict it may well be gone in 5 to 10 years, which would not give someone who is starting from scratch much time at all to develop a successful NSA business — and then to see it gone.

Even before technology started disrupting this business, I did not recommend it to anyone who had no relevant background, as the market conditions have been getting tougher for many years.

If you’re determined to do this despite my recommendation, please see My Advice to New NSAs.

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