Training for NSAs – 2020

I encourage people to look at YouTube videos before spending money for training. Not everyone learns the same way.

One person might understand Carol Ray at Notary2Pro better. Another might get more from Bill Soroka at Notary Coach (Sign and Thrive – SnT) or the professionals at the National Notary Association (NNA) or someone else. Some get the most from Mark Wills at the Loan Signing System (LSS). You won’t know which fits your learning style until you spend some time watching their teaching style.

I do recommend Notary2Pro and the NNA. This is based both on having taken their classes and on their acceptance and long standing history in the NSA community.

I do not currently recommend LSS or SnT, as I have not taken their classes.

It’s worth noting that LSS and SnT promote the myth that anyone can make six figures as an NSA and can do so “fast and easy.” They’re part of the wave of new trainers that have flooded the NSA business with so many new people who are driving down fees and causing other issues.

That said, I have to mention LSS and SnT because almost every time the topic of training is raised in notary groups on Facebook, various notaries sing their praises.

Also, I note that Bill Soroka has his Sign and Thrive ebook available for free in the Kindle Unlimited program, and Carol Ray wrote a forward for it. It’s over 200 pages, so that should give you a lot to think about.

Meanwhile, Mark Wills of LSS has a 56 page ebook on Amazon for $3. And LSS is the most expensive option of the trainers I’ve mentioned so far.

There are some notaries of long standing who are doing good work as educators. In this group, I would include Brenda Stone and Laura Biewer.

You can use the search function on Facebook and Google to research any person or firm that offers training for notaries. If their website lacks names and a relevant biographical background for the trainers, you would do well to keep your money and keep looking.

There’s even one person who is offering an online class for $5,000.00 !!!

If you have 5 large to drop on getting trained, send me an email and I will hook you up with all the best training and only charge you 1/2 of that. (LOL)

Seriously, I’m not offering a course. I’m saying you could take the NNA, N2P, Sign and Thrive, and LSS classes — all of them — and have over 1/2 that 5K left. So, some guy promoting a notary class for $5,000 — that’s just highway robbery. There’s no way anyone is offering notary training that’s worth 5K.

I won’t mention any of the other trainers, as they’re either worthless or you will hear about them from their marketing — or both.

For notary basics, I recommend the Notary Essentials class from the NNA. It’s state-specific.

For GNW marketing, I suggest Laura Vestanen’s ebook Notary Marketing 2019 which is available for less than $10 for the Kindle app.

For NSA training, the industry credential is taking the NSA class from the NNA and passing their exam and background check. So, you need that. And you will learn from it. Some folks don’t think much of the NNA classes because they used to be very weak. They’ve gotten better because of competition from N2P and others.

Once you’ve done those NNA classes, I recommend Notary2Pro. That includes mentoring and a vetted list of potential clients, some of whom will use new N2P grads.

Finally, you can learn a lot from the articles here on my website, starting with this page: Notary Tips .

Wherever you get your training, please understand that this business is not for everyone. It takes a certain mindset to make your living doing paperwork where you’re not an employee, but are an independent contractor expert boss of your own time.

Your local library should have books on the entrepreneur mindset and how to figure out if being self-employed fits in with who you are. See my Business Basics article for more help on that.

Good luck. Stay safe. Wash your hands. Carry a whistle and mace. Wear a mask.

This is a companion piece to my article on Education for NSAs and a follow up to my previous series on NSA training. Please see those articles for more information.

Training in rainbow colors

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60+, male, widowed/single. Writer with a day job. Notary Public. #catdaddy Science fiction and fantasy fan, avid reader, Founder of the Darrell Awards. Author of _Getting Started As A Notary Signing Agent_ (available from Please be kind to one another.
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3 Responses to Training for NSAs – 2020

  1. Altheal Randolph says:

    Really. Thank you.

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  2. Stephanie White says:

    Tim, I am loving your blogs, thank you so very much for sharing great tips. I am striving to be the Best daily so I’m educating myself by staying on top of state laws & notary tips like these.

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  3. Laura Biewer says:

    Tim, good to see you writing, I always look forward to your articles. Thanks for providing recommendations for training based on what you know to be true. And for including me as an educator!

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