Yes, I am working on a book. Several, in fact. When each of them become available for pre-order, the news will be posted here.

In the meantime, I have put together a short ebook called Getting Started as a Notary Signing Agent. It contains 18 of my articles about the NSA business all in one convenient package. It’s just $3.95 and you can pay via PayPal at this link: Please be sure to tell me if you want it in pdf or epub when you place your order. Please put your email address in the notes on the PayPal page so I know where to send your ebook.

(Please note: this ebook refers to The Notary Law Institute in several spots. That organization went out of business in 2020 due to the pandemic. They may come back at some point & their supply of books is in storage somewhere, but, for now, please ignore any reference to them. If you happen to find one of their books, I suggest that you buy it.)

Also, please read the Notary Tips page and other pages and posts here for information about being a notary public.

Updated June 16, 2022.


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