Free Legal Forms

Free Legal Forms — For The Public

As I am not an attorney, I cannot prepare forms or documents or papers for you to sign. I CAN notarize them once you have them prepared.

One type of document that is easy and FREE to get is health care documents from the State of Tennessee. The  Appointment of Health Care Agent (which takes the place of the Health Care Power of Attorney) and the Advanced Care Plan (which takes the place of  the Living Will) are both available FOR FREE on the State of Tennessee Government website at UPDATE: While there is a Power Point presentation about the Appointment of Health Care Agent form on the State’s site, the form itself is now missing from there. Fortuntately, I saved it and you can find it here: Appointment of Health Care Agent

If you need a Quit Claim Deed or a Warranty Deed in Tennessee, the Shelby County Register’s Office has FREE forms at in pdf and Word formats.

The Shelby County Schools has information about what is required to prove you reside in the County so your child or children can be registered for schools, including the FREE Shared Residence Affidavit which has to be Notarized, at this location: . You can also read more about this on my blog post entitled Shelby County Schools – Shared Residence Affidavit.

Most government forms can be found for FREE on the website of the government agency involved.

For non-government legal forms, you may try, or (these three sites may charge you for the form); or try googling the title of the form to see if you can find a free one online.

Or, your local library may have a book of legal forms or a book related to your area of interest which contains forms.

Please be aware that legal forms found on the Internet or in books may not contain up-to-date and state-specific information and may not be legally-binding as a result.

I can not tell you if your form is legally valid, as I am not an attorney. My role is limited to notarizing what you present to me (after other notary requirements are met). If you want to be sure your form is up-to-date and legally-binding, please consult an attorney in your jurisdiction.

Wherever you get the document, if it has a Notary Certificate already on it and you are in Tennessee, I can probably notarize it. Also, I can add a Notary Certificate to your document, if it lacks one. Please see my Frequently Asked Questions page for what you need to bring (or have available, if you are asking me to travel to your location) in order for your document to be notarized.