How Much Does It Cost?

I currently offer several levels of service, as well as the possibility of discounts. The cost is based on the level of service.

General Notary Services

If you travel to me and meet me at a place of my choosing (general notary public services), my notary fee for each document is $20.00 on Monday.

Due to my full-time job, I currently offer general notary services only on Mondays.

All fees are due in cash when I arrive.

Mobile Notary Services

If you need me to travel to you (mobile notary services), my fee for that service on Saturday is $30.00, plus my notary fee of $20.00 per document, for a total of $50.00 for one document.

Due to my full-time job, I currently offer mobile notary services only on Mondays.

All fees are due in cash when I arrive.

Waiting Fee

I may also charge a waiting fee if I’m waiting there at the location of our appointment for more than 15 minutes for the signer(s) or witness(es) to be available with acceptable forms of i.d. We can discuss whether that applies in your situation and how much it is when you contact me to make your appointment.

Trip Fee

If the signers are not willing to sign or lack at least one acceptable form of i.d., or if they can’t have enough of a conversation with me to make it clear that they are signing freely and willingly, you will owe my trip fee, which is currently $30.00.

All fees are due in cash when I arrive.


If you have many documents to be notarized, please note that I do offer a discount for more than 10 documents notarized at the same sitting. Please ask about that when you call, if you have more than 10 documents to be notarized.

I also offer a discount on my fee for mobile notary services if you are going to be close to my location at the time of our appointment. Please ask about this discount when you contact me to make your appointment, if you think this may apply in your case.

Notary Signing Agent and/or Other Services

For Notary Signing Agent, courier, or other services, my fee will be set when you call with the assignment, as it depends upon the scope of work. I may be able to provide NSA services during the week depending on the circumstances, so please check with me if you need notary signing agent services.

Please see What About I-9 Forms? for information about the cost of completing those forms.

I look forward to helping you with your notary needs. Please contact me to arrange any appointment.

(Updated July 9, 2021)

2017 National Notary Association badge - Trained, Background Screened, Certifed Notary Signing Agent


14 Responses to How Much Does It Cost?

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  2. My aunt is currently in a nursing home allen brook in memphis tn we just left there this past saturday my aunt is paralyzed can write and sign her own name we need power of attorney to move her home to wisconsin and was wonder how much is would cost for you to come up and notarize the power of attorney forms to get this moving thank you for your time


    • Tim Gatewood says:

      Mr. Whiting, please text me at 901-550-3917 with your name, your aunt’s name, the address of the facility where she is staying, her room number there, and how many documents need to be notarized. I will reply with a fee quote for you. I look forward to helping your aunt. Thank you.


  3. Vicki Hurt says:

    What do I need to bring for a shared residence form for Shelby County schools?


  4. Cleve says:

    do you notarize the tranfer of a firearm from one individual to another

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    • Tim Gatewood says:

      Cleve, a Bill of Sale is a Bill of Sale. Unless what you’re selling is obviously something you couldn’t own (the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, and such) or something it would be illegal for you to own (a tank, a nuke, illegal drugs), what you’re selling is not my concern. So, yes, if your Bill of Sale for a gun purchase needs to be notarized, I can notarize it.

      Depending on your circumstances, I may need to check to see if there are any new laws or regulations about your gun sale. Otherwise, I’d be happy to help you. Please contact me about the particulars on your transaction for a more definite answer and to make an appointment.


  5. Samantha sheubrook says:

    Hello are your Notary services still available?


  6. Arya Smith says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that there can be discounts for notaries that are more than 10. I hope I can find one like that. It is because I have lots to get notarized since I will be selling a lot of our properties now that we will be moving to a different country after this.

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    • Tim Gatewood says:

      Notaries in Tennessee can charge any reasonable fee. I have chosen to offer discounts under certain circumstances. Other notaries may not. Other states may require the same fee under all circumstances. It’s just my choice here and my state allows me to make that choice .


  7. Alisha Crowell says:

    We live in the 38116 area at Millbranch and Winchester and we need a quitclaim deed notarized on 7/6/2010, do you have an available slot? If so please tell me where you would like to meet?


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