What Is a Proper Form of I.D. ?

In Tennessee, a Notary can establish identity of a signer by “reasonable reliance” upon any one of 4 types of Identification:

  1. A Driver License;
  2. A State-Issued I.D. card — if it was issued by the same agency as the one that issues driver licenses (State I.D. card or Gun Permit works – cosmetology license does not);
  3. A Military I.D. card; or
  4. A Passport.

The I.D. has to be current (not expired) OR it has to have been issued within the past 5 years. If your I.D. has a hole punched in it, it is no longer considered valid . So, be sure your I.D. is current and hole-free if you want to use it when you get your document notarized.

Also, the name on your I.D. has to match the name on the document that you are signing. It is okay if your I.D. shows more of your name than the document, just not less and not conflicting. Please be sure to discuss any differences between the name on the document and the name on your I.D. when you call for your appointment.

If you don’t have one of these 4 forms of I.D. or if it has expired or been hole-punched, the Notary has to already know you personally (well enough to vouch for your identity) — or you have to bring along a Credible Witness.

Otherwise, you will need to get a valid I.D. as mentioned above BEFORE you meet with the Notary.

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