What Services Do You Offer?

I offer the following services to the public:

  • General Notary Work – you bring the required items & come to me at a location of my choosing (usually near my home office); or
  • Mobile Notary Services – I come to you at a location of your choosing & you bring the required items.

For lenders, title companies, signing services & other businesses, I offer Notary Signing Agent services, with details to be arranged between us when you call.

As you will see from the posts on this site, I am a published Freelance Writer.

I am also an Ordained Minister, experienced at officiating at weddings & other ceremonies.

Please contact me if I may assist you with any of these services. Thank you for your consideration.

Please note that I do NOT offer certified copies or notarized copies as a service that I provide. That’s because it’s not among the listed powers of a Tennessee Notary Public and the Tennessee Attorney General’s official opinions only mention one situation in which it is allowed  — and the particulars of that situation are not something I’m going to get into.

Updated September 19, 2018


3 Responses to What Services Do You Offer?

  1. ShunDotson says:

    Are you able to notarize a document from my landlord that is being sent to 401(k) company, and if so, what is required?


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