How It Works

How My Notary Service Works

It begins when you decide whether you want to come to me (to a location that I pick) OR you need me to come to you (to a location that you pick).

If you are coming to me, there is no trip fee, just a notary fee. My notary fee is $20 per document on Monday. I am off on Sunday (except in the event of an emergency). Due to my full-time job, I am available only on Monday.

If you are coming to me, I generally meet signers at a restaurant near wherever I’m going to be at the time before our appointment. Lately, that has been the Subway on Kirby near Quince or the Subway on Hickory Hill near Mt. Moriah.

Sometimes, I am at another location when the call comes in and we will agree on a place that is near where I expect to be at the time you choose.

All fees are due in cash at the time of service.

If you need me to come to you, you tell me an address and a date and time and, so long as I don’t have a conflict, I will be there.

Reasons for conflicts would include:

  • it is too far away (I cover Shelby County);
  • it is outside my jurisdiction (I am a Tennessee Notary Public, so I can only notarize while I am in Tennessee);
  • I have another appointment that would prevent me from being there when you request;
  • the signer is locked up (I do not offer notary services to jails or prisons);
  • the document is written in a foreign language (I have to be able to read some of it in order to record it in my Notary Journal);
  • the signer does not speak English (I have to be able to verify that they understand what they are signing and that they are signing it freely and willingly); or
  • you refuse to pay my mobile notary fee or my trip fee.

My fee for mobile notary services (where i come to you at a location of your choice) are : $50 for the first document and $20 for each additional document if you are anywhere in Shelby County.

All fees are due in cash at the time of service. If I am unable to notarize for you after coming to a location that you picked, you will have to pay my trip fee which is currently $30.00.

I do offer a discount if you’re signing more than ten (10) documents to be notarized in one sitting. Also, for mobile notary services, I may discount the fee if you’re nearby. If you think either discount may apply, please ask for details when you call to make your appointment.

Whether you come to me or I come to you, each person signing the document must have an acceptable form of i.d. unless I know them personally.

Acceptable forms of i.d. in Tennessee include:

  • driver license,
  • non-driver i.d. card,
  • passport, or
  • military i.d. card.

The i.d. has to be current (not expired) or issued within the past 5 years; it has to be valid (no holes punched in it, etc). It must have a photo and signature and the usual dates and serial number on it.

A Tennessee driver license without a photo is acceptable only if the driver is above a certain age, as Tennessee issued over 150,000 senior driver licenses without photos and they are acceptable.

So, if you want an appointment after reading all of this, you just see my Contact page and let me know when and where.

When you contact me, you must verify that you have a valid, unexpired, acceptable i.d. for each person signing the document and that you have the complete document and my fee in cash. I will reply back and let you know if there are any conflicts. You bring your i.d., document, and the cash for the fee — and we will get it done.

Updated July 9, 2021.