Location and Cost

Location and Cost

The two questions that people ask most often when they call is “Where are you located?” and “What does it cost?”

Even though those questions are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page, it seems that not everyone is willing to look at that page, so I will answer them here.

Where are you located? 

The focus of Notary Memphis is to provide notary public and related services to people where they are. In other words, I am primarily a mobile notary public.

Notary Memphis does not have a fixed location. I work at homes, offices, stores, restaurants, libraries, and other places all over Shelby County. Sometimes, I even go to Tipton or Fayette County.

If you are coming to me, I may be near my home in southeast Memphis (near Mt. Moriah) or I may be anywhere in those 3 counties, depending on when you call.

I work by appointments and, if I am available when you call, I will be happy to make an appointment with you. We can discuss where I will meet you when the appointment is set.


What does it cost?

As noted above, the focus of Notary Memphis is providing mobile services. So, the first question is are you willing and able to come to me?

If you choose to come to me at a place that I suggest, the basic notary fee is $10.00 per document during the week or $15.00 on Saturday. I am happy to provide general notary services of this sort whenever I am available.

If you need me to come to your chosen location (instead of you coming to me), this is called mobile notary services and it is my specialty.

My mobile notary services fee is $40.00 for the first document and $10 for each additional document, which includes the trip fee and the notary fee. That is during the week (Monday through Friday) and applies anywhere in Shelby County except Millington. (Because travel to Millington takes longer, there is an extra $10 fee for mobile notary services to Millington during the week. This extra fee is waived on Saturday.)

On Saturday, my mobile notary fee is $50 for the first document and $15 for each additional document.

I am currently closed on Sunday, except for emergencies. If you have a Sunday emergency, we can discuss a reasonable fee for that when you contact me.

Sometimes, I am available for mobile notary services after my usual hours for an extra late-night fee, which we can discuss at the time you call.

All fees are due in cash at the time of service. If I am unable to notarize for you after coming to a location that you picked, you will have to pay my trip fee which is currently $30.00. 

I do offer a discount if you’re signing more than ten (10) documents to be notarized in one sitting. Also, for mobile notary services, I may discount the fee if you’re nearby. If you think either discount may apply, please ask for details when you call to make your appointment.

Whether you come to me or I come to you, each person signing the document must have an acceptable form of i.d. unless I know them personally.

So, what it costs depends on what level of service you choose and whether you qualify for a discount.

I hope this helps you to understand how Notary Memphis operates. Please see our Contact Info page if we can help you.

(Updated December 20, 2017)

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