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As reported here, I began a long term freelance writing assignment with the American Association of Notaries, Inc., in January 2015. I am writing short articles for them, which they are posting on their blog under the Notary Tips section. This page will contain links to each of my articles as they are posted there.

My Notary Tips articles began with a series entitled What Does a Notary Public Do? That series explored the various aspects of the duties of a notary and is based on my research and experience. It is written to be generally applicable in every state. After that series was completed, I moved on to free-standing topics, some chosen by them and some chosen by me.

(The articles appear on their website after they edited them as they saw fit. I don’t always agree with the content after their edits, but that is part of the process of being a freelance writer. My preferred versions will appear in my own books or here on this site.)

Please check back here on this blog for news about my upcoming books, which will include the information in those articles and much more.

The published articles so far include:

  1. What Does a Notary Public Do?
  2. A Notary Serves as an Official Witness
  3. Personal Appearance Before the Notary is Required
  4. Verifying the Identity of the Signer
  5. What It Means to Sign a Document Freely and Willingly
  6. Notaries Should Know How to Handle Sworn Statements
  7. A Notary Should Know How to Handle Acknowledged Statements
  8. The Importance of the Venue on a Notarized Document
  9. Essential Facts About Notary Certificates
  10. The Importance of Including Your Notary’s Commission Expiration Date on Notarized Documents
  11. A Notary Signature is Essential on All Notarized Documents
  12. Notary Public Seals or Stamps
  13. Why a Notary Journal Is Required
  14. The Contents of a Notary Journal
  15. How to Handle Documents with Pre-Printed Notarial Certificates
  16. Notary Journals Raise Issues about Public Records versus Privacy
  17. What To Do When There is No Pre-Preprinted Notary Certificate
  18. Understanding Affidavits
  19. Hospital Notary Work
  20. Why Only Attorneys May Give Legal Advice
  21. What It Means to Say a Notary Must be a Disinterested and an Impartial Witness
  22. Notary Bonds and Insurance Explained
  23. Changes May be Coming to Notary Signing Agent Assignments

As additional articles are posted on the Notary Tips page of the AAN website, I will add links to them here.

The AAN Notary Tips page is at this link: While the page at that link does not show all of my articles, it does have a sidebar that lists articles by category and all of my articles are in one or another of the categories. If you want to be an educated notary, you can start by reading all of the articles in all of the categories there.

In addition to the above, please see my For Notaries category on this blog for useful articles. Please subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss any upcoming articles.

Also, please see my low cost ebook on Getting Started as a Notary Signing Agent, which you can purchase from my Books page here.

Updated November 4, 2018

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