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How To Research Potential Clients for NSA Work 

Many notaries seem to believe that posting a question about a potential NSA client in a notary group on Facebook is all they need to do in order to say they have researched the firm. While asking your competition to … Continue reading

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Where’s The List of Good Clients?¬†

Where’s the List of Good Clients? A question that newer notaries frequently ask goes something like this: Would anyone give out a list of good signing companies that pay what we deserve and pay on time? My answer is : … Continue reading

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Essential Books for a Tennessee Notary Signing Agent

Other than the Tennessee Notary Handbook and a copy of the most recent Tennessee laws about notaries in Tennessee (both available from the Secretary of State’s website at http://www.tn.gov/sos/pub/notaries/index.htm), there are three books about being a notary that I consider … Continue reading

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