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On Titles of Documents and Sworn Statements

On Titles of Documents and Sworn Statements. (The “titles” referred to here are not real estate titles or car/truck/mobile home titles that show who owns property. They are the name of the document as shown at the top of the … Continue reading

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Can a Notary just Sign and Seal ?

Can a Notary Just Sign and Seal ? No, a notary can NEVER just sign and stamp. Your signature and seal are there to say that you did what the notary certificate says you did. Without a notary certificate, what … Continue reading

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Notary Certificates – My Latest Published Article

The American Association of Notaries, Inc., published my latest article tonight. It is on Notary Certificates. You can read it here: http://www.notarypublicstamps.com/articles/essential-facts-about-notary-certificates-/ This is the 9th article in the series, which may run as many as 20 articles by the … Continue reading

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Tennessee Notary Basics

The State of Tennessee, both through its laws and through the Attorney General’s legal opinions, seems to focus on low requirements for those who interact with the public and on minimizing the harm of what might otherwise be official misdeeds. … Continue reading

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