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Some Books for Notary Business

Most of the questions that notaries ask online can be answered by reference to any number of business books. From getting started with a small business, finding and screening clients, marketing to those screened clients and/or the general public, determining … Continue reading


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WNFIN 2017  – Day 0

I’m getting set up to participate in Write Non-Fiction In November (also known as WNFIN or NaNonFiWriMo), the non-fiction version of National Novel Writing Month (AKA NaNoWriMo or simply NaNo). It starts tomorrow. In addition to writing a whole book … Continue reading

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Essential Books for American Notaries

As a notary public, you have a responsibility to educate yourself on the duties of the office. While a few of the larger states have some classes and required exams, most states seem to leave the matter of notary education … Continue reading

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Update on Tim’s Notary Books

Generally speaking, when it comes to reference works, you can judge them on 3 things: the topics covered, how well they’re written, and their bibliography. If they deal with the same topics as other books on the same subject, they … Continue reading

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