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Some Thoughts on the National Notary Association 

There is no state rule or law that requires you to get services through the National Notary Association (NNA). So, why is the NNA the one source so many signing services, title companies, and lenders require for certification and background … Continue reading

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Top 3 Questions Every Notary Signing Agent Must Answer

Every person who decides to become a notary signing agent will find that they have questions. In fact, there are so many questions that must be answered that it’s easy to overlook some of them or to be overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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On US Form 1099s and Notaries 

The subject of US Form 1099s and Notaries comes up often in the various notary groups on Facebook, so I hope the following will be of some assistance. The notary associations and others will tell you to contact the company … Continue reading

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Why Documents Are Notarized

Why Documents Are Notarized Some understanding of why documents are notarized and what notarization means is important, both to notaries public and to the public that we serve. Documents are generally notarized for one or more of the following reasons: … Continue reading

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Where Do You Get Notary Public Training?

I have posted here previously about the need for training to know your limits and your responsibilities as a notary public. So, the question arises, where do you get such training? There are those who strongly suggest that you can … Continue reading

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